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blah blah blah blah....


15 April
i found this flower, right after a storm,
its petals were bright, but ripped and worn.
i thought it resembled, this girl i knew,
and wondered if, she'd think that too.
but she couldn't come out, at least not today,
for where she lives, a storms in her way.
well shes locked up, in a dreary old place,
i sit in the rain, and let it hit my face.
i stare at the flower, and just wish she could see,
what beauty lies in this flower, under a weeping willow tree.
though it's still attached, to the ground,
that pouring rain, beat that flower down.
but as a rainbow, stretched across the sky,
and the sun came out, and the puddles went dry.
that flower that seemed, so helpless, so alone,
stretched out its petals, for that sun that shown.
i thought how much strength, how hard it must be,
but that flower has strength, more than i can see.
that beaten flower, seemed to smile a grin,
letting the storm know, it didnt win.
i decided to pick that flower, and take it back to that friend,
so she can see, each storm has an end.
as i turned my back, on that old tree,
i realized that friend, was really me!

- well thats one of my favorite poems i wrote! it means alot to me i just read it when things get rough and i feel better. but i dunno i'm becky what can i say. i luv to run and play basketball, and just a warning dont try to take mysports away. if u do its taking my life away and we all know murder is illegal.